The mousedeer is a famous character in Indonesian fables. It has so many series of the adventures of the mousedeer. Nowadays, the mousedeer is one of the endangered animals in Indonesia. It is called a mousedeer, because it looks like a deer, but it is the same size as a dog.

So this is the story...

Long ago in Java island, lived a famous animal, the mousedeer. The mousedeer was famous of his cleverness, that he could always escape from troubles with his bright minds. The mousedeer's favourite food was the cucumber. He loved to eat juicy cucumbers a lot, but the bad thing was he did not want to grow it himself, he liked to steal them from the farmers.

The farmers disliked the mousedeer very much, since every time he wanted to harvest his cucumbers, the mousedeer had eaten them that the farmer could not get as many as he wanted. So that morning, before the farmer set out to his farm, he made a plan to catch the mousedeer with his wife.

That night, the farmer and his wife made a scarecrow. When they had completed the scarecrow, the farmer put a lot of glue on the scarecrow's shirt and took it to the middle of the farm and put him there. This time, the farmer was sure, he was able to catch the naughty mousedeer.

Very early in the next morning, the mousedeer had already arrived in the farm. He was very surprised to see the farmer was already there. He did not know that it was only a scarecrow. So he was hiding behind the trees, and waited for the farmer to go away first from the farm before he came and took all the cucumbers he wanted. He waited for a long time, until he grew impatient. It was like the juicy cucumbers in th farm were calling his name to take them away with him. So he decided to come closer to the farm.

The more he looked at the 'farmer', the more he realized that it was not the farmer who stood there all along. It was just a scarecrow and did not move at all. The mousedeer was very angry for he was cheated. He approached the scarecrow and kicked the scarecrow. Remember, the farmer had already added some glue on the scarecrow's body that made it very sticky.

When the mousedeer kicked the scarecrow, he could not let his feet of the scarecrow's body. The mousedeer was panic. The harder he kicked, the stickier it got to his legs. Finally, the mousedeer was strapped to the scarecrow's body. He couldn't free himself. He cried and cried for help, but no one was there to help. When the farmer heard his cry, he quickly went to his farm and caught the mousedeer. No matter how the mousedeer begged for mercy and to let him go, the farmer refused to set him free.

So, that was how the farmer caught the mousedeer who was famous for his brain.

The story will be continued on how the mousedeer finally escaped.... :)

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