Jumat, 01 Mei 2009

The Legend Of Roro jonggrang

Roro jonggrang was the daughter of a giant king called King Baka. She had a proposal from young noble, Bandung Bandawasa. He was handsome, wealthy, and powerful, but Loro Jonggrang did not want to marry him. Loro Jonggrang gave a task to Bandung Bandawasa. He had to make 1000 temples in one night, to prepare his marriage toLoro Jonggrang. 
Bandung Bandawasa used hi supernatural power to call the genies and they made the temples with unbelievable speed. Lro Jonggrang saw the task was almost complete. Then, she ordered her servants to help her hit the rice using the rice puncher and made the sound of cooking. These actions would make the genies think that morning had come. They would run away. Bandung Bandawasa was angry with Roro Jonggrang. He already finished 1000 temples, and when he built the 1000, he cursed Loro Jonggrang into a stone statue to fill in the 1000 templet

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